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Biotech Startup


  • Client is a cutting-edge biotech startup that develops novel DNA sequencing technologies. They have an innovative DNA sequencing solution utilizing Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) platforms.

  • The client has expertise in developing bioinformatics data analysis pipelines, but lacks the software design and development expertise to create a product from their innovative process.

  • The NGS platform and bioinformatics software generates a large number of data sets with a large volume of data in each set. This ‘big data’ problem requires a significant amount of computing resources to process and analyze.

  • The computing workloads required by the client’s process have unpredictable resource requirements for various proof of concept projects that are required to design, build, and test the DNS sequencing product.

  • The client does not want to raise and commit the upfront capital investment required to build out their own computational hardware and software robust enough to develop the product. 


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