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We develop some of the world's most advanced Cloud and IoT systems to companies seeking to transform their current technology and compete in the global marketplace.

At Here Engineering, you get the expertise, the security, the transparency, and the ease of service you can only find Here.


We are Here.

Healthcare Technologies, Industrial 

Consumer Devices, Automotive, Insurance,Financial

Here Engineering is a 100% US-based high-tech software company. We develop some of the most advanced Cloud and IoT systems for local enterprise, and help companies transform their businesses digitally with Cloud computing by changing devices into IoT ‘things’ and turning Big Data problems into viable business opportunities. We design and build new products and systems using the latest technologies—sometimes starting from a clean sheet of paper, and sometimes by reengineering and migrating legacy software to the Cloud. 

Our mission is to out-perform the competition in the US and abroad in every way we can—from the people we hire to the technology we use to the experience you have working with us—at a competitive price.

We understand that software is the economic engine of the 21st century and believe hiring onshore is strategic to our country and to our place in the world. Our focus is throughout the Healthcare Technologies, Industrial, Consumer Devices, Automotive, and Financial and Insurance industries.



Cloud and IoT Transformation

Design and develop fully-scalable IoT services, mobile devices, and Cloud applications —transforming current business systems.

Enterprise Solutions

Reengineer legacy systems for the Cloud, and design and develop customized enterprise-class software. Tested and deployment-ready upon delivery.



Deliver broader Big Data capabilities to reveal meaningful and relevant statistics in ever-growing, untapped, and hard-to-define data sets.

Agile Project Management

Design and develop realtime and near-realtime systems for machine control, automation, embedded devices, and communications.



Tomorrow-proof your technology

Here Engineering builds custom Cloud, IoT, and mobile solutions scaled to your business needs. 


We use the most sophisticated engineering platforms, languages, and tools in the industry—which allow us to design the most intelligent solutions, no matter the challenge. And because we have a full spectrum of technology at our disposal, we can free you from old platforms and rising Big Data problems that can limit your options and ability to grow. 




Michael J. Prevost

Founder / CEO

Mike is founder and CEO of Here Engineering. He is a visionary leader who has a passion for building a great U.S.-based software services company that offers clients a compelling alternative to going off-shore to find the expertise companies need to thrive. His mission is to deliver advanced Cloud and IoT transformation services at an affordable price while also creating software engineering jobs in the U.S.

Mike has over 20 years of experience in the field, including  being the co-founder and CEO of Innovative Applied Sciences, a software engineering services company, where he managed their strategic direction, developed partnership opportunities, and managed business development throughout all of the company’s markets. Mike also held positions at Concurrent Computer Corporation, Intermetrics, and Computer Sciences Corporation in engineering, sales and marketing.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Drexel University.

Mike Prevost

Thomas R. Mariano

Founder / COO

As co-founder and COO of Here Engineering, Tom is committed to building a solid engineering and operational infrastructure to enable scalable deployment of Cloud and IoT expertise. He is passionate about creating a platform for frictionless business relationships with clients.


Tom holds eight patents, has over 25 years experience as a seasoned operational and technical leader, and has over 12 years honing his expertise in engineering and R&D services leadership at Altran (previously Foliage); most recently as COO for Altran North America. In addition to working with various engineering firms throughout his career, he also worked for Brooks Automation and PRI Automation in marketing, engineering management, and other hands-on software engineering roles. 


Tom received his Master of Science degree from MIT, and his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University. He is an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. 

Tom Mariano

Jim Kennedy

Vice President, Engineering

As Here Engineering’s VP of Engineering, Jim is focused on building a world-class software development organization with a focus on Cloud technologies that reduce operational costs and increase operational resilience and business agility.


Jim is a hands-on product and technology leader with an impressive track record, successfully delivering high-quality software solutions that employ Agile software development methodologies. Jim’s career spans over 30 years, and includes a host of rigorous responsibilities, such as: software development, managing development teams and delivery of services, launching security compliance product initiatives and innovations with emerging software technologies, and overseeing software development projects at senior management and VP levels.


Jim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management Information Systems from the University of Massachusetts. He is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect. 

Jim Kennedy



Wanted: Smart 

We're hiring software developers for our Brunswick, Maine and Burlington, Massachusetts locations, and are also looking to fill remote positions for the right candidates. We're looking for talented, motivated candiates at all experience levels—from new graduates to leading solution architects with decades of experience. 

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